What you should know about the Defender 250’s load capacity

Bike Articles - 06.04.2024
Belastbarkeit des Defender 250: Was Sie wissen müssen

A pleasant ride on an electric bike with oversized luggage resembles a scene from a science fiction movie. It is possible to witness such a scene in real life. 
Picking up a parcel from the post office, going shopping, or bringing harvest from the field – all of these tasks can be completed by a single Defender 250 electric bike.
Its power is sufficient to transport extremely heavy and large cargo. At the same time, the driver enjoys a comfortable and safe journey.

The Defender 250 offers several luggage baskets:

  • The small rear basket is suitable for small loads (about 20 kg), making it ideal for a trip for two.
  • Family” side baskets hold up to 80 kg. They can be installed with a small basket to transport more than 100 kg at once.
  • The large “Delivery” basket is positioned at the back instead of the second saddle. A true giant capable of transferring up to 100 kg of luggage.