What are the differences between the Defender 250 and traditional electric bikes?

Bike Articles - 07.04.2024
Vergleich des Defender 250 mit herkömmlichen Elektrofahrrädern: Wo liegt der Unterschied?

The Defender 250 measures 214 cm long, whereas the standard electric bike is only 192 cm.

Our Defender 250 is 22 cm longer than the competitor, but this extra length offers more options. For example, you can easily add an extra passenger seat or a cargo basket to carry all your necessities.

It’s also worth mentioning the wheel size. The Defender 250’s wheels have a diameter of 20 inches, whereas the diameter of a standard electric bike is 26 inches.

This improves the Defender 250’s maneuverability and control on the road, particularly in narrow streets or rough terrain.