Unique features of the Defender 250 electric bike

Bike Articles - 13.04.2024
Einzigartige Eigenschaften des Elektrofahrrads Defender 250

We present to you the unique features of the Defender 250 electric bike:

  • Three powerful engines offer easy climbing and quick acceleration on straight roads.
  • The large battery allows for a range of up to 180 km without recharge.
  • Wide reinforced tires provide superior grip and safety during travel.
  • ️Patented frame design easily adapts to various road conditions, resulting in a smoother ride.
  • The huge load capacity allows for transporting up to 250 kg of cargo, including purchases, luggage, and a second passenger.

We remind you that when you buy a Defender 250 electric bike, you will receive useful accessories as a gift, including a pump and seat covers to make your ride even more comfortable!