Unique сomponents of the Defender 250

Bike Articles - 04.04.2024
Einzigartige Defender 250-Teile

The three-wheeled electric bike Defender 250 impresses not only with its design. Its unique features set it apart from other bikes. 

  • Reinforced tires
    All three Defender 250 wheels have thick tires reinforced with steel wire. It is more appropriate to compare them to car tires than to standard electric bike tires.
    You will maintain stability even during a steep climb along a road strewn with small stones.
  • The patented movable frame provides shock absorption and easy bike handling.
    Adjusts to road conditions and the cyclist’s driving style. This detail improves driving comfort and safety.
  • Three silent motors assist each kilometer.
    You only need the central engine to cruise down a smooth city street.
    When climbing a bumpy road, two additional powerful motors will assist him – simply press a button.
  • The Defender 250’s battery lasts for long walks.
    On a single charge, the electric bike can travel up to 180 kilometers. And this is at peak power.

The Defender 250 provides pure pleasure with every kilometer.