How to store a Defender Electric Bike during the cold season?

Bike Articles - 01.04.2024
Wie lagert man ein Defender Elektrofahrrad in der kalten Jahreszeit?

If riding an electric bike in the winter appears extreme to you, it is best to “mothball” your Defender until spring.

How to store your electric bike during the cold season? 

Disconnect the case and battery.

Store the battery separately in a warm, dry room between 1-20°C.

  • To prevent complete discharge, recharge every 1.5 – 2 months.
  • This ensures that the battery lasts longer.

Prepare the body.

  • Thoroughly clean the electric bike from dirt and dust. 
  • Lubricate all connections, chains, moving parts, and folding mechanisms to prevent rusting.
  • To prevent cracks, impregnate all rubber products with silicone, especially wheels 🛞.

Lower your wheels.

  • For long-term storage, a low tire pressure is sufficient – slightly above average.

Keep Defender 250 and Defender Mini in a dark, dry room with minimal temperature fluctuations.

  • A garage, outbuilding, glazed balcony, room in an apartment or house, or a wall are all suitable options.

The Defender is ready and will be there for you until spring.