Defender 250 vs. tandem: which should you choose?

Bike Articles - 10.04.2024
Defender 250 vs. Tandem: was soll man wählen?

Which is better: Defender 250 or tandem?
It all depends on your goals! But before you choose, you should know about the benefits of our product:

  • Defender 250 is 50 centimeters shorter than the tandem. This difference in length makes our bike more maneuverable and controllable.
  • Defender 250 has excellent cross-country capabilities and can easily overcome any obstacle thanks to its movable frame. In contrast, the possibilities for a tandem under the same conditions are significantly reduced.
  • Defender 250 provides more functionality.
    For example, you can easily replace the passenger seat with a cargo basket, making our bike more functional.