A tandem bike for one rider. The story behind the Defender 250

Bike Articles - 03.04.2024
Tandem für einen Fahrer. Die Geschichte des Defender 250

A ride on the same bike brings people closer together. That’s why a tandem is perfect for a date, a friend, or a family trip. 

But what if one of the drivers can’t pedal? 

The founding brothers of Dolas e Bike were inspired by a family of bicycle enthusiasts. The parents are raising two children, one of whom has a disability and cannot pedal the back pedals. 

This should not become an obstacle for family bike rides. 

To solve the customers’ problem, they came up with the concept of a tandem with one pair of pedals.

This is how the story of a unique three-wheeled electric bike, the Defender 250, began in 2017. 

An electric bike that allows you to carry passengers, and heavy and oversized cargo with comfort for the rider.